Falling In Love Forever: Skills For a Fulfilling Romantic Relationship

Drs. Michael and Barbara Grossman

They teach you to live the joy of marriage by dissolving hurts, resentments, emotional distance and the power struggle. You will restore passion, intimacy, and enthusiasm in your romantic partnership by creating a deep appreciation for each other. In their classes and in their book they share themselves intimately to inspire you to use their practical daily skills that will transform your experience of life, love, and God.

They also have an Amazon Bestselling Book: The Marriage Map: Three Keys To a Fulfilling Romantic Relationship



“Sex- The Superglue of Marriage”

Emil Harker M.S. LMFT
Author, Life Coach, Presenter, Sex Therapist and Licensed Marriage and Family

With a rich background of psychotherapy theory, and
human development from his graduate studies at
AAMFT (American Association of Marriage and
Family Therapists) accredited Utah State University,
Emil has been involved in helping people overcome
obstacles and get the most out of life for over 15 years.
Emil has worked in a variety of settings from the
poverty stricken to the very wealthy and from addictions
to life coaching. Emil understands the dynamics of change. A gifted therapist, dynamic
presenter and clinical innovator, Emil is passionate about what he does. Before
graduating in 2000, Emil worked at McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden Utah in the adult
behavioral unit. Since graduating he has become a certified trainer in the “Boys Town”
Parenting model as he created and directed the Therapeutic Foster Care program in
Wyoming. He has been a therapist in a residential treatment program, LDS Family
Services, and McKay Dee Hospital in the Adult and Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit.
Emil is a talented presenter where his material is as entertaining as it is informative. He is
the creator “The 7 Commitments for Perfect Communication in Marriage” frequent
presenter, radio and TV expert, and life coach for NBA, NFL, and UFC professional

True to his background and training Emil is a gifted marriage and sex therapist.
As a relationship expert he is a frequent guest on radio and tv programs offering real
solution to real people’s problems. Emil is passionate about what he does and you can’t
help but feel it!



The Game of Love

Love is a game in which two can play, and both win. Like in all games, how you play makes all the difference.  You will learn 3 strategies to get the most out of the game we call marriage.

Ben and Amanda White

During their 12 years of marriage Ben and Amanda have received 3 degrees, started their own company, and produced 5 audio presentations, while raising their 3 beautiful daughters.  Ben and Amanda are living their dream, and love being married.  They understand marriage takes dedication, work, a pinch of patience, and a lot of love.  Ben and Amanda believe the most important ingredient for their successful marriage is remembering to play, and have fun together. They are going to give you new ideas to add more fun, banter and even a little more laughter into your relationship.